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Assignments: Shear

Once you have downloaded the .pdf or .doc file and you are ready to do the assignment, you must start the program by clicking on 'Run Program.' Before you run the program, be sure you have gone through the CMU Mini-FEA Tutorial.

Brief Description of Assignments:

(i) Conduct FEA for single block with displacements on top and bottom corresponding to a simple shear; (ii) compare FEA shear stress at two points in block and total force on top and bottom sets of nodes with predictions from simple shear).

(i) Model shearing of two blocks sandwiched between three rigid plates by conducting FEA for single block with distinct shearing displacements on top, bottom, and horizontal center line; (ii) compare FEA shear stress at various points and total force on line of nodes at top, bottom, and centerline with simple shear predictions of sandwiched blocks.


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