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Assignments: Axial Loading

Once you have downloaded the .pdf or .doc file and you are ready to do the assignment, you must start the program by clicking on 'Run Program.' Before you run the program, be sure you have gone through the CMU Mini-FEA Tutorial.

Brief Description of Assignments:

(i) Conduct FEA for bar in axial compression, with force at one end applied in two ways (concentrated and distributed); (ii) compare stresses at two points with P/A illustrating St. Venant’s principle; (iii) compare changes in both axial and transverse length (based on FEA displacements) with changes in lengths inferred from simple axial loading theory.

(i) Apply force and displacement boundary conditions on nodes; (ii) interpret the computed values of displacements Ux and Uy in terms of the motion shown on the deformed mesh; and (iii) extract the forces at supports from FEA and show that, together with any applied forces, the forces keep the body in equilibrium.


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